Pasternak, Baum & Co., Inc. The Leading US Agricultural Cash Commodity Broker
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Pasternak, Baum deals in the bulk agricultural commodities "cash market". Our primary activity is the brokering of feed grains, such as corn and sorghum, wheat, soybeans, feed ingredients, and ocean freight. By operating both domestically and across borders, we expedite the movement of products from areas of surplus to areas of need around the world.

Our clients include multi-national conglomerates, farmer cooperatives, integrated poultry firms, flour mills, livestock producers, government trade agencies, and independent dealers or traders. In representing our clients, we intermediate global traffic. We monitor the transportation, the flow of documents, and the transfer of funds.

Additionally, our staff is well known for their experience in government sponsor programs. We are knowledgeable and sensitive to cross cultural business practices. Pasternak's ability to provide credible third party information enables our clients to have seamless execution of their transaction. Upon request, anonymity is absolute at Pasternak. True market pricing is assured and brokered transactions can be facilitated among industry competitors.


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